Ten girls series

January 7th, 2009

Recently my wife found a series called “Ten Girls”. It is a box collection of books that talks about everyday girls who have gone on to achieve greats things with their lives simply by using their God given gifts or by persisting through hard times. They are written in simple language for young girls with the aim of inspiring them to reach for the stars.

After a quick look the stories they are very inspirational. In the box set there are five titles:

  • Ten girls who made a difference
  • Ten girls who didn’t give in
  • Ten girls who changed the world
  • Ten girls who made history
  • Ten girls who used their talents

It looks like a very useful series so I thought I would pass it on. If you would like to check it, you can find it at Koorong by clicking on this link

PS. There is also a series for boys too.