Reading the New Testament in a year

January 2nd, 2009

One of my goals for this year is to read through the New Testament (NT) in a different version to the NIV I usually use.

I just did a quick count of all the chapters in the NT and it came to 256 chapters. That means that if I read one chapter a day it will take until the 11th of September to complete the whole New Testament.

Another option is to only read one chapter a day on weekdays (Monday to Friday). I will finish towards the end of December because 52 weeks times five days is 260 days. More than enough days to complete the task!

So how am I going to do this? Well I started by reading the Book of Matthew on the first and I will just work my way through Matthew until I finish. Then I will start at Mark and so on. To keep track I am ticking off the chapters on a peice of paper.

If you would like to join me in this reading plan, but don’t have access to a Bible, there is a free version online at