Continuing goals

January 2nd, 2009

At the start of each year when I prayerfully write my goals down I include things that I want to achieve during the year. These are usually new things that I have never done before, making things better for family life or working towards something. Most of them are measurable and very practical.

Another type of goal I also include is the things that I want to continue on doing. These are usually things that I have done in the past and have benefitted my growth, our family life or those around me. I think it is important to write down these things that I want to continue doing as it keeps them on my list and on my radar.

Three things I want to continue doing this year is support my wife and kids as they homeschool, continue my fitness program I started when I was 17 (25 years ago!) and continue my written prayer journal. For each of these things I write down ways I can continue them.

With homeschooling for example. I can pray each day for the girls lessons, I can take some of the classes when Larissa needs a break or I can take the kids out to give her some space to do some planning of lessons. If I write those things down it helps me to keep focussed and be aware when the need for me to step up arises.

Likewise with my prayer journal. It is something that has worked for me in the past and it has helped me to grow spiritually and personally, so my goal is to keep it up in 2009.