PASSION and change

December 30th, 2008

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on the ministry of PASSION Australia and where it will be heading in future. This has been because of my decision to go back and study full time the next few years.

Initially PASSION was involved in all types of outreach. We basically got together as a team of five people and prayed and asked God what He wanted us to do. As we heard from Him we did what was asked to the best of our abilities. We did all types of things including giving away Jesus videos door to door, writing and producing tracts to give away for free, advertising on local radio and TV, speaking at churches, recording audio tapes and CDs for give away and more.

Every thing we did was aimed at pointing people to our PASSION website so people could come to know Jesus in a personal way. Helping people to come to know Jesus has always been our main focus. However, if people already knew Jesus we wanted to include resources to help them share their faith more effectively. Back in 2002 our website visits peaked at 52,500 in one month. This is when we were avertising on local radio and TV.

More recently (and especially since our move to Merredin) things have changed at PASSION. Rather than being a team of people seeking God, I have been seeking God by myself and asking what He wants me to do. As a result of this PASSION has become more of my personal ministry website. It is a place where I share the things that I feel God has placed on my heart to share. A big focus is still helping people come to Christ, but I also want to encourage people on their journey of faith too.

So where to from now? For the next couple of years while I am studying PASSION will continue to be my personal ministry website. I will continue to reach out to and encourage people towards Christ. I will also continue to share my reflections on faith and life and share the things I have learnt in my studies through the PASSION Blog. After that I am not sure which way things will go. It might continue as my personal website or it may grow into something more or change into something new?

As with all things in ministry it is about hanging in there for the long term and doing the next thing God asks you to do. Like an army private we need to wait for the next order from the General. When He says jump, we need to say how high and in what direction!