Favourite moments of 2008

December 28th, 2008

I was thinking about my favourite moments of 2008 this morning. I have five things that really stood out for me this year. They are simple things, but they are just those special moments that I have recorded mentally.

1. Girls coming home – I remember a couple of months back when my girls had been away in Perth for five days and then they drove into the driveway. They all jumped out of the car and gave me the biggest and longest cuddles I had had in years. Their smiles said it all. They missed me heaps and I had missed them. As a daddy it melted my heart.

2. Time talking – My wife Larissa and I have spent a lot of time talking this year. Three or four days a week we have been able to sit on our front veranda swing with a coffee and just talk for up to an hour. It has been a great time of connection and conversation. I am very thankful for the freedom we have had this year to do it.

3. My last assignment – I wish I could describe the feeling of utter excitement and joy that I had when I emailed off my last assignment for Bible College this year. I had been wanting to do full time college for about 15 years and this year I did it. When I hit the send button I felt like I had achieved one of my life goals.

4. Spontaneous times – I have really enjoyed some of the spontaneous moments with my girls this year. Every now and then we would take a break from our school work and have a game of cricket in the backyard or go for a walk or go for a swim in the pool. It was great to have the freedom to just stop and spend time with family this year.

5. Seeing my Mum – When we lived in Perth my Mum lived in the same street. We saw each other most days and the kids were able to visit Nanna almost everyday. Now we have moved away some of my favourite moment is when I see my Mum step off the train in Merredin. She came up three times this year to stay with us. All three were in my fav moments.

For me my favourite moments have revolved around my family and my studies. It has been a great time of family and spiritual growth. It was so good and was a big factor in me deciding to continue on study externally at home next year.