Keeping the vision alive

December 15th, 2008

A number of years ago I wrote an article called “Keeping the vision alive”. It was to encourage people who were trying to fulfil their part in a God given picture of the future for their lives or ministry. After yesterdays message from Phil Pringle I decided to dig it out again.

The key points were…

1. Write it down – put it on paper so when things are not going well or you are discouraged it will be able to help keep you on track. Habakuk 2:2 talks about writing down your vision.

2. Share it – sharing your vision allows others to come on board to help, to pray for you and keeps you accountable to what you believe God has asked you to do.

3. Give it back to God – God gives us a vision to play our part in it. We need to commit it to God and prayerfully ask what we should do as stewards to bring it to pass.

4. Measuring vision success – I believe obedience should be our main measure of success. Results can be up and down at times, so we should keep our minds on God’s promptings and getting them done.

5. Vision takes time – your vision may take the rest of your life to complete! When things are moving slowly we need to be patient and trust God is working in the background.

6. Celebrate achievements – celebrating the achievement of smaller goals along the way is vital. We need to remember that each step is part of the whole and celebrate to reward ourselves.

They were the key points of the message I wrote about 7-8 years ago. If I wrote it today (which in a way I am!) I would have added another point…

7. Keep perspective – don’t get so caught up in the future big picture stuff that you lose sight of today. Use the big picture vision to encourage and enthuse, but live in today and do the things you need to do right now. Don’t get so caught up in the vision that you miss God’s blessings right now.