Influential people before coming to Christ

December 8th, 2008

I was thinking this morning about the people who impacted me in the last six months before I came to Christ back in 1989. I was thinking of the type of things they did and how they encouraged and pointed me to Jesus. Today I thought I would share some of the things they did which helped me make the decision to accept Jesus into my life.

1. Graham and Linda – I was in my early 20s and had been through a lot in my life. I had had serious health problems and was struggling with the question why. Graham (who I worked with) and his wife Linda were a middle aged couple who just befriended me and invited me to church and their house afterwards. We just talked a lot and they offered support and advice. Eventually they gave me the tract led me to Christ. Graham also gave me some discipleship material that help me get off to a great start on my journey.

2. Trish – The other main person who impacted me in the lead up to receiving Jesus was Trish. I worked in the same area as Trish. She was married with a young family and was one of the most positive people I had ever met. She loved Jesus, had tremendous trust and faith in Him and it was contagious. No matter what happened she remained positive and praised God. She also spoke so positively about what it is like being in relationship with Jesus that it just made sense to accept Christ. I even felt if I didn’t I would be missing out.

Now I am not in contact with Graham, Linda and Trish anymore, but the impact they had on me in the last few months before receiving Christ was enormous. They prayed for me, encouraged and supported me, welcomed me into their lives and had some resources ready for me to read when the time was right.

Reflecting on this today was a simple reminder in how if we open ourselves up to others and just be there for them in an encouraging and supportive way, we can make a hugely positive impact on peoples lives. I am so thankful that God brought Graham, Linda and Trish into my life at a time when I really needed it. Not only did they help to improve my immediate circumstance by their involvement, they helped to change my eternal destiny!

I wonder if there anyone in your life today that you could be a Graham, Linda or Trish to?