Homeschooling year is now done

December 7th, 2008

This past week my kids finished all their school work for the year. That means we have finished five years of homeschooling! Five years!

It is amazing to think that a little over five years ago my wife found a pamphlet at the local library that talked about homeschooling. This pamphlet with a lot of research and prayer was what started our homeschool journey.

For us as a family it has suited us well. It hasn’t always been easy, but it is a decision that I am very happy we made and that we have had the continued determination to stick with it. I am so happy in what it has done for our family.

I am very proud of my girls work this year. They have worked very hard and they have really stuck at it. They have completed all their work and seem to have grown so much. They are both growing into very special people right before my eyes. They are awesome!

I am also very proud of my wife too. Larissa has worked really hard this year too. In January she mapped out all the work the girls would do for each day of school. She then supervised, coached, corrected and encouraged the girls through it all. It has been an amazing effort!

So now the girls get to have about two months off to rest and recover before the next year comes around. With me being on holidays for that time too it means we will be able to spend most of that time together as a family. It’s gonna be awesome 🙂