Clearing away the rubbish

December 5th, 2008

The last few days I have been cleaning up a corner of my yard for a new pool and entertainment area. The area had some branches that had been chopped off one of our trees that we were going to chop up for firewood. Due to being busy with other things it didn’t get done!

When I started on the pile of rubbish I found lots of other stuff in it that wasn’t previously there. There were weeds grown through it, spiders living in it and lots of other creapy crawlies. There was also other types of wood and trees piled on top that would not be suitable for firewood. As I cleaned away this mess I couldn’t help think that if I had of made the time a few months ago it would have been a lot easier to clear up and get rid of. Instead the longer it stayed there the messier it got.

I think many times we do this with the “mess” in our own lives too. We have issues that we know are there and we know we should deal with them, but somehow we put it off until later. Like my pile of rubbish it gets messier the longer we ignore it. We can get used to living with our mess and we get used to relating to ourselves and others a certain way because of it. In a way it gets comfortable and it becomes a permanent part of our lives.

I wonder if today we could resolve to deal with some of our long term issues that we may have been putting off? Perhaps we could speak to a trusted friend, read a book on the subject or consider some counselling to help us in this process. I have found that whenever we deal with an issue that has been with us for a while it can be like a huge weight that is lifted off our shoulders. It can also postively change the way we see ourselves and how we relate to others in the world around us.