Ongoing God lessons

December 1st, 2008

I have just been thinking about how over the years God desires to teach us new things. Sometimes we don’t quite get what He is saying to us and we miss the point. Then a year or so later He comes and taps on our door again to have another go at teaching us.

At other times we learn what He is trying to teach us and we put it in to practice. It gets absorbed into our lives and becomes part of us. Then about five years later God comes with a new lesson on the subject, but with greater depth and understanding. He builds on what He has already done.

I feel that both of these have happened to me by returning to Bible college this year. Some lessons He has tried to teach me in the past have finally made it through my sometimes hard exterior. And other lessons which I have learnt to some degree have been built on and solidified.

Hopefully the best thing about this is that I think I have learned to ask, “What are you trying to teach me in this Lord?” At least by asking this question I seem to be grabbing more of the lessons He is trying to teach me. When He comes to tap on my door again in future, hopefully it will be to build on His previous work, rather than re-teach the same lesson!