A cool experience

November 26th, 2008

Yesterday my wife, girls and I went out to a friends farm. It is always nice to get out of town and be on a farm as I love the wide open space and the peace and quiet.

One of the things I got to do was ride in a harvester for the first time. I found this to be a cool experience and something I had wanted to do since I was a kid playing with my matchbox version of a harvester!

We did a couple of laps around an eighty acre paddock and in no time we had six tonnes of barley in the bin. We then took it off to have the moisture tested to see if the rest of the field was ready for harvest. Moisture and grain do not mix well as the quality is reduced.

As we drove around we talked about all different types of things. But the one thing really stood out to me was that farmers really understand the whole principle of sowing and reaping. Each year they sow in hope and while each year can be a risk, they have hope that the rains will come. It shows real hope, real faith and real trust.

For me it was a great afternoon. I have been in study mode for so long that it was great to get out and do something totally different. Not only did we get to catch up with some friends, but I got to do something I wanted to do since I was a kid.