Reflections on my church journey

November 7th, 2008

I always admire people who have been attending one church for a long period of time. Since moving to Merredin I have met people who have attended the same church for 40-50 years. To me that is amazing!

My church journey has been different to that. I only started going to church in my early 20s. I was searching for more and church seemed to be a good place to start. I was also the first in my family to do so, so church was not really part of our lives.

Since I started attending church I have been to a number of churches and denominations. For my first year I attended a great Baptist church in the northern suburbs of Perth (North Beach). A friend of mine invited me and I came to know Jesus as a result. It was a good beginning but I knew it was only for a time.

Then after about 12 months I wanted to find somewhere closer to home as North Beach was quite a drive. So I stuck my head in the door of my local Church of Christ (Nollamara). They seemed very similar to the Baptist church so I decided to hang around a while. I stayed for about four years (even though I was still rough around the edges and didn’t like church most of the time!) and made some great friends. Some I still call friends today!

Then in 1995 I met my wife Larissa. She was saved in an Apostolic church and after attending a few services we decided we wanted to move to that style of church. We found one in our local area (Dianella) and started attending. In time this church moved to Malaga and re-imaged itself as Summerlakes Christian Church.

Over the next ten or so years we spent most of our time at Summerlakes (even though we had a few stints at other churches) and got involved in a number of ministries. It was a place where we learned a lot, grew spiritually and were given opportunities to minister. Of all the churches I have attended I have most connection with Summerlakes and probably see this as our “spiritual” home. We still have a number of friends there that we are in contact with regularly.

Now we are living in Merredin our church journey continues. Initially part of the reason of coming to Merredin was to Pastor one of the local churches. When this didn’t work out as expected we attended the church for a while, but it was hard from my perspective as there was a sense of disappointment every time I walked in the door. So now we are “in between” churches.

In the meantime I have been studying at Tabor to prepare for the next opportunity. As I have been doing this I have been exploring the idea of house churches and church planting and looking at other options, but nothing has really jumped out yet. There are several things we could do that sound good, but I am not one to get ahead of God. I would rather Him speak clearly to me and in a sense have His “blessing” rather than try to start something myself. History shows that is not the right way to go.

So there you have it. My church journey to date. As you can see I haven’t been in one place or one church for my whole 20 year journey. I also can’t really call myself a Baptist, Church of Christ, Apostolic or anything else. I am just a Jesus follower at heart and trying to do the next thing He asks me to do. I am sure when the time is right He will open the right door for me to walk through and it will become clear what church I should go to, Pastor or maybe even plant? Time will tell.