Raising kids

November 7th, 2008

One of the blogs I have started following this year is John Finkelde’s blog. John is senior Pastor of C3 Hepburn Heights.

The thing I like about John’s blog is he does short posts that are interactive and they make you think.

One of my favourite posts that I have gone back to a few times is “More hot tips for parents of teens“. In it John gives some tips for parents at the different stages of development. He says…

Parents of teens need all the help they can get so here’s a few more tips from me.

Keep optimism high – in the midst of teen angst we can get pretty morbid about the present climate at home. Counteract this by nurturing an optimistic outlook. How? Fast forward to your teen’s twenties. Trust me, they will eventually turn for home, loving your company & valuing your advice. Go there in your head now.

Switch out of trainer mode – 0-6 yrs parents are benevolent dictators, 7-12 yrs trainers & then 13+ coaches. When your kids become teens it’s game on! And you have to switch from trainer mode, controlling everything, to coach mode, releasing them into the larger world bit by bit. Don’t overprotect. Don’t over comfort. Don’t smother them. Release them.

Pray & often! God can do more than you so lean heavily on him thru these years.

Although my girls are not quite at the teenage years yet, I found this advice very helpful and it has given me something to think about as this time quickly approaches. As they say forewarmed is forearmed!

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