Testing a prophetic word

November 5th, 2008

As a Christian I think it is very important to test prophecies that people might give to you or to your church.

A simple definition of a prophecy is…

Speaking prophetically or bringing a prophetic message is when someone gives a supernatural message that conveys a specific vision of God’s will for his people. It is so they are comforted, encouraged or challenged.

I always try to apply three tests to a prophetic word.

  1. Does it line up with God’s Word? – If a prophet tells you to leave your wife and marry someone else you would know it is not consistant with the Bible’s view of marriage.
  2. Does it build up and encourage the hearers? – Generally speaking most prophetic words are to build up the church in some way (ie. comforted, encouraged or challenged).
  3. Has it come to pass? – This takes time and in some cases a prophetic word might need to be put on the backburner and prayed about before we see anything happen.

When you apply these three tests prayerfully we usually see over time if a prophetic word really is from God or not.