What next Lord?

October 27th, 2008

Now that I only have about four weeks left of my studies for this year I feel like I am in that time where you say, “What next Lord?”

It is that place where you are not sure what to do next and what is the right thing. It is that place where you pray and ask God for guidance, you talk it over with your spouse, you gather information about more studies and/or other options and you sit back and prayerfully reflect on things.

The goal for me returning to studies was to take a year out of work so I could learn more and grow in my faith. In many ways the goal was to “dig a bigger well” by putting more tools in my ministry toolbox and to grow in a couple areas I thought I was lacking.

From that perspective I guess that has been achieved as I do feel like I have learned a lot and grown. I also feel like the areas where I needed some extra work have been covered.

So where does that lead to now? I have the option to go back and study next year. I have asked for some more information from the college about taking it to the next level. However a big part of me wants to get on with life and ministry.

As I have said many times before on this blog – time will tell. I am sure God will let me know in His timeframe and it will all work out well.