Living at peace with everyone

October 26th, 2008

The Bible says in Romans 12:18 that we should do our best to live at peace with everyone. It says that as much as it depends on us we should try to do it.

One thing I have found over the years is that sometimes people are just not going to like you or I. It doesn’t matter what we do, they will just not like us. Sometimes we may have unknowingly done something that has offended them or sometimes we might not have done something they think we should of. There can be many reasons for people not liking us. Because of this they chose not to be nice towards us or ignore us all together.

This reminds me of a situation at work years ago. One lady just didn’t seem to like me and no matter what I did she was just cold towards me. At first I thought oh well that is just how it is and left it at that. Then I remembered the words of Romans 12. It made me think maybe I had done something to offend her without knowing.

Becasue it was in a work situation and it was effecting other people too, I decided to do something about it. I couldn’t speak to her openly so I sent her an email. I explained that she seemed short towards me and it was effecting our work relationship. I then offered an apology in case I had unknowingly offended her and I hoped we could get on better in future.

Within a few minutes of sending the email she came around and spoke to me. After talking we found it was a simple thing that I said which she took out of context. After a short talk the problem was sorted and we had a good working relationship from then on.

Now this is just one situation where I could have just ingored and hoped it would go away. However, once reading Romans 12 I knew there might have been something I had done wrong and perhaps I could sort it out. As much as it depended on me, I tried to make peace with the lady. Of course she could have just ignored the email and things could have gone on the same, that would have been her choice. However, I would have played my part in trying to live at peace with her.

How about you? Is there someone in your life that you could apply Romans 12:18 to? Is there someone you could go and talk to so you can live more peacefully together?