God’s unchanging Word

October 17th, 2008

One of the things I am happy about is that in an ever changing and uncertain world, we have certainty and direction from God’s unchanging Word in the Bible.

Every day we hear news stories that tells us about different foods that are good for us. Then the next day on another channel they are suddenly cancer causing and should be avoided at all costs. We also hear of murders, home invasions, old people being mugged for their pension money, terrorist attacks, wars, genocide. Then add to that the global catastrophies that threaten our very existance on this planet. Global warming, rising water levels, droughts, floods, famines, earthquakes, financial markets in meltdown, retirement savings lost. It would be easy to throw your hands up in the air and give up.

When I am tempted to be overwhelmed from all of the trouble and strife in the world I often turn to God’s unchanging Word for comfort. I simply sit, pray and read the Bible. It brings me a sense of peace and comfort. It helps me to remember that God is in control and that His plans will come to pass.

Yes things might not look good at times, but God is still sitting on the throne in heaven. He has a plan for this world, He has a plan for mankind and He has a plan for you and I. His plans will come to pass and when they do it will be far better and more amazing than any of us can really comprehend.

When you are tempted to be overcome by the stresses and struggles of this world please remember the words of Revelation 21:1-4. These words talk about a time when there is a new heaven and new earth and when God will dwell amongst His people. When this happens there will be no more pain, mourning, death or suffering.

Please be encouraged and look to God and His unchanging Word.

God Bless,