Living free

October 13th, 2008

One of the things I am progressively noticing is the freedom I have in Christ. I no longer feel like a slave to many of the things that used to have a hold on me. I feel like these days I am living a lot freer and living lighter as I go about my daily life.

Three things in particular have helped me to experience this freedom.

1. Studying the Bible – John 8:31-32 tells us that if we hold on to Jesus’ teaching, we will be His disciples, that we will know the truth and this truth will set us free. I have found this to be true in my own life. The more I have read and studied the Bible, the more it has transformed and changed me. This change has brought a freedom and trust in God. I know my future will be ok, because the Bible tells me that God is control of the future.

2. Having Jesus in my life – John 8:36 says that if the Son sets you free, you shall be really free. Knowing Jesus and having Him in my life has given me freedom in so many areas. I no longer carry much of the guilt I had for the wrong things I have done. I no longer feel like I have to impress people by being the best at everything. I no longer wonder if I am good enough to go to heaven when I die. I know I have been forgiven, God accepts me as I am and I trust Jesus for my salvation. These things give me tremendous freedom.

3. Having the Holy Spirit in my life – The Bible tells us that when we come to Christ the Holy Spirit comes to be our helper and comforter (John 14:26, 15:26). Knowing the Holy Spirit has been my ever present helper and comforter has given me a lot of freedom. At any time of the day or night, I can just pray and ask for help, guidance, strength, wisdom or assurance and the Holy Spirit will answer.

For me, living free is about knowing Jesus personally, relying on the Holy Spirit and studying to Bible and allowing it to transform my heart and mind.

If you would like to know and experience this freedom, why not put your faith and trust in Jesus today? You can visit my “Peace with God” page to do this right now.