Resourcing people and ministries

October 1st, 2008

One of the things I have tried to do in my Christian life is to resource people and ministries. I see this as a part of being a good steward that the Bible talks about.

I do my best to place resources in people’s hands that will help them come to Christ, be discipled or help them on their journey of faith.

I also try to support ministries who are doing this in another part of the world or ones that are trying to alleviate peoples poverty and/or suffering.

When deciding who or what I support I generally do three things.

1. Pray – I ask God which projects or ministries He wants me to support. He knows where money is most needed and the things that we as a family should be involved with. I trust He will let us know.

2. Read – I read about different organisations and see if they have any pressing needs. I do this as I want to sow money into groups or ministries that are producing good results.

3. Talk – I discuss it with my wife and we pray about it together. Before long we usually come to an agreement on which organisations we should support and how often and much we should give.

My heart is to do God’s work. If I can’t do it myself, I try to help others in the work they are doing. The key to this is to seek God’s will, learn about organisations and to sow into people that are producing good results.