A memorable prophecy

September 30th, 2008

Over the years I have a had a number of people pray for me and then bring a prophetic word afterwards. By prophetic word I mean something that God places on the persons heart to say to you. It is usually an encouragement or confirms something you have been praying about.

Some of these prophecies have been really encouraging, some I have put on the back burner and some I have just forgotten over the passage of time.

One prophetic word though has stuck me over the years. It was about ten years ago and came from a recognised prophet in the denomination that I was attending. He said that, “I have a heart for the fallen fruit. The fruit that falls off the tree and no-one else wants to pick up because it appears rotten”.

He went on to explain this was about befriending people who don’t seem to fit in to the crowd and perhaps are disabled or have other social problems. He said most people don’t see them or don’t know how to relate to them, but I do/would.

Over the years this prophecy is the one that touched me the most and it is one that still brings tears to my eyes. It confirmed something to me that just seemed to come naturally. It is something that God has hard wired it into me.

It has also acted as a sign post for the things I do. As I go about my daily business I am reminded every now and then about this and when someone comes across my path who some people might miss, God prompts me to talk to and get to know them.

How about you? What prophecies have you received over the years? Are there any memorable ones that have really confirmed something to you? Have any really shaped you ministry or life in general? I think that would be worth reflecting on today.

God Bless,

Dave 🙂