Being thankful

September 22nd, 2008

As a dad I am trying to encourage my kids to have good positive attitudes. One that I am especially keen to pass on to my kids is being thankful for what we have.

Yesterday in our Sunday arvo family worship time we looked at the attitude of being thankful. After some worship I looked at a few verses from the Bible that talked about being thankful for what we have and to see them all as blessings from God.

After this I invited each of my family to share one thing that they were thankful to God for. I was happy to hear that they all struggled with just finding one thing to narrow it down to. We all seemed to find five or six things off the top of ours heads!

After that we finished with communion and the old song “Give thanks with a greatful heart”. It was a nice time of family worship and sharing.

Just in case you are wondering. I was thankful for my faith and salvation, my family, our new life in Merredin and that we can all meet and share our faith as a family.