When is my church my church?

September 11th, 2008

A question that I have been reflecting on lately is “When is my church, my church?” By this I mean when can we call the church we go to “my church”. And how often do we have to go to qualify it as our church?

Do we have to go to every service? Is a few times per month enough to call it my church? Is Christmas and Easter enough? Do we have to go to the Sunday service to call it our church? Can we just go to a home group or a craft group to call it my church? Do we have to be a member?

It is funny that over the years I have met people with very different views on the subject. One Pastor told me I wasn’t committed and that I shouldn’t call it “my church” as he hadn’t seen me for three weeks. It didn’t matter that I was on long service leave from work and had been sick! He still questioned my commitment.

Compare this to a friend of mine. We were driving past this old church and he said that is my church. I had never heard him mention that he went to church before. When I asked him about it he said he was baptised there, was married there, he went to the occasional Christmas and Easter service and he knew the Priest.

I just find this subject interesting that we all seem to have different ideas on when a church can be called my church. What do you think? Do you have to go each week or does Christmas, Easter and the ocassional home group count?