Be filled with the Spirit

September 9th, 2008

I was doing some background reading for another assignment this morning and I came across and few paragraphs from Paul Little in his book “Know what you believe” (pages 78-79). The passage talks about being filled with the Spirit.

I thought I would share them on my blog as I found them to be quite useful. Thanks to my lovely wife Larissa who typed it up for me!

“The fullness of the Spirit is not a matter of our receiving more of Him.  Rather, it is a matter of relationship.  To be filled with the Spirit means we allow Him to occupy, guide, and control every area of our lives.  His power can then work through us, making us effectively fruitful for God and flooding our hearts with His joy.  This filling applies not only to our outward acts but to our inner thoughts and motives.  When we are filled with the Spirit, all we are and have is subject to His control.

The test as to whether or not you are filled with the Spirit is not, ‘Have you received an external sign or been given a particular gift of the Spirit?’ Rather, “Have you given yourself wholly and without reservation to God?’ (Romans 12:1)  Are you genuinely willing that He should control, absolutely and entirely, your life?  Many believers come to a point of utter frustration in their service for the Lord simply because they fail to realize the need to be filled with the Spirit if they are to act in God’s power.  Just as we cannot  save ourselves apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, neither can we live the life of victory or serve the Lord effectively without the Spirit.  When we learn to trust Him fully, allowing Him to work through us, we are freed from the frustration of trying to accomplish spiritual and eternal results solely through our human ability – or, more properly, inability.”