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A memorable prophecy

September 30th, 2008

Over the years I have a had a number of people pray for me and then bring a prophetic word afterwards. By prophetic word I mean something that God places on the persons heart to say to you. It is usually an encouragement or confirms something you have been praying about. Some of these prophecies […]

Why call it PASSION Australia?

September 29th, 2008

It is coming up to ten years since God spoke to me about starting PASSION Australia. I can’t believe that in a couple of months it will be our tenth birthday. Time really flies! I can still remember going through a period of revival in my faith and crying out to God for a ministry […]

BC and AD no more?

September 26th, 2008

One thing I am wondering is when did BC and AD change to BCE and CE? I have noticed more and more that rather than using BC and AD in dates, they are now using BCE and CE. Apparently these stand for Before the Common Era (or before the Christian era) and Common Era. Did […]

My favourite sporting events

September 26th, 2008

With the AFL Grand Final on tomorrow and all the talk about the big game in the news, I thought I would share my favourite sporting events. I have been a sports lover since I was a kid and these ones a must watches for me each year. 1. AFL Grand Final – This is […]

Essential Bible Reference Series

September 25th, 2008

Last week I noticed in the Koorong catalogue there was a special on all the books in the Essential Bible Reference Series. These are small books of about 20-30 pages that have lots on information on a variety of Bible topics. They are full of pictures, maps, Bible time lines and more. Some of the […]