My favourite Bibles

August 24th, 2008

A friend asked me what my favourite Bible was recently. This was a hard question as I have a number of Bibles that I use for different things and some of them have been bought at different parts of my journey of faith.

My first favourite Bible was a hard cover Good News Study Bible I bought when I when I was a brand new Christian. I purchased the gold leaf tabs with all the Bible names on them to make it easier to find the places. Now it is old and worn and underlined all the way through. It has served me well and in many ways feels like an old friend when I pick it up.

My current favourite Bible is my Thompson Chain New International Version. This one is great for students and it has loads of extra material in the margins and refers you to lots of other passages to help in your research. In the back it had lots of maps, book overviews, timelines and more. It is my favourite at the moment as I am full on into the books. And yes it has the gold leaf tabs on the side to help me find the books easily. One of my friends regularly comments on how I like them!

How about you? Have you got a favourite Bible? What do you like about it? Have you got several favourite Bibles? Is one like an old friend?