Science experiment with a difference

August 21st, 2008

My kids asked to do a science experiment this morning for homeschool. At first I thought we would look through the science book we have, but then I remembered something I read recently.

I was reading some comedy from the American stand up comedian Steve Wright. He is very dry in his delivery and has a bald head on top with very fluffy hair on the sides…perfect for a stand up comedian!

Anyway, he talked about how cats always land on their feet no matter how they are dropped, even if they are turned upside down first. Then he mentioned that toast always land butter side down when dropped. He said he decided to strap toast to the back of his cat to see what happened.

I mentioned this to our kids jokingly as a possible science experiment. I am thankful they realised I was joking and they laughed.

Afterwards I wondered what would have happened if they had wanted to do the experiment. I also wondered which one of our poor cats would have been chosen!