Churchless Christians

August 16th, 2008

One thing I have noticed since moving to the WA wheatbelt is the number of committed Christians I have met that don’t attend church regularly.

Up until the last few years I probably would have said that it was not possible to be a committed Christian and not go to church in some form (traditional or house church). However more recently I have met some very strong Christians who are on fire for God and are doing great things amongst their family, friends and neighbours who don’t go to church. In many ways they are like missionaries in their sphere of influence and they end up being like Pastors to without a church.

From the outside you don’t actually see the things they are doing and how much they are reaching out to people and praying for them. You could actually fall into the trap of being judgmental and questioning their commitment. However, it is not until you go to their homes and spend some time with them that you actually see the impact they are making. On a few occasions I have come away very inspired.

In major cities like Perth there are hundreds of churches. If you don’t “fit” into your local church, you can usually find another one within a few kilometres. However in some country towns there are only one or two churches, if you don’t find your place, you might have to drive 50-100 kilometres. That is something most people can’t afford to do these days with petrol prices.

So is it possible to be a committed Christian without attending church? From what I have seen since living in the country, yes it is.