Top 10 finish would be great

August 14th, 2008

I had a feeling before this Olympics Australia would finish in the top 10 in the medal count. This is a bit lower than we have in the last few Olympics, but still a great result.

One of the reasons I felt this way is because of few of our medal hopes pulled out just before the games. This includes three from track and field alone.

Another reason why I suspected this is because over the last few years many other countries have caught up to us in the swimming. In years gone by it would be USA first and then Australia second in the pool. This year it seems the French, Japanese, Korean, and the Germans have made up some ground. This was evident in the lead up due to world records being taken by those other than USA or Australia.

The third reason is because traditionally countries that have the Olympics usually perform well in the lead up Olympics, then the games they hold themselves and the one after (ie Atlanta, Sydney, Athens). The second games after the results drop away to a more normal level. The hype of having the games and then the flow on effect lasts for a time and then slowly drops away.

Time will tell exactly where Australia finishes, but I believe that if we finish in the top 10 it will be a great result. We need to remember we are a small country compared to some of the bigger nations. Back in the 1970s or 1980s if we got four gold medals we would have been ecstatic and the team would have been welcomed home as heroes.