Faith like potatoes reflections

August 14th, 2008

About four weeks ago I read Angus Buchan’s book “Faith like potatoes”. It was one I had in my bookshelf for about a year after my wife bought it for me as a present after some major hinting by me and circling it in a Koorong catalouge!

I had tried to read it a few times but I never quite got into it. Eventually my wife picked it up and read it and told me I would really like it and put it in front of me. She knows me really well and knew it would inspire me, so I took her advise.

Now I am not a fast reader, but I read this in two short sittings as it really grabbed hold of me. I was inspired and encourage by Angus’s story of faith and commitment. I came away thinking this guy is really living the message he is preaching.

Here are a few reflections…

  • I loved the way he trusted God and spoke it out. He planted potato crops in faith in the middle of a huge drought. He told everyone it was going to work and God would come through. And God did.
  • I loved his commitment to preaching the Gospel. He just keeps preaching it wherever he goes. At heart he is a farmer, but he is also a preacher. He takes the Gospel wherever God tells him to go.
  • I loved that he used his farm to fund his ministry. He has made a commitment to not take up offerings when he preaches. Most of the money comes out of his own pocket (which is actually God’s) to fund the crusades and events.
  • I loved his unwavering commitment to his family. Every time he leaves his farm and family it almost breaks his heart, but he knows this is what he is called to do. He accepts that.
  • I loved the way they farm cattle. Each time a new herd is born they share it among the workers. He takes the first, the second goes to his longest serving worker, the third goes to him, the fourth to his second longest serving worker and so on. This not only provides wealth to himself, but to his workers and their families.
  • I loved that they have a large chapel on the property where they have regular services for the workers and for those who call the farm home. They also hold the Mighty Men’s conference there too.
  • I loved that they have an orphanage and school on site for many of the homeless kids in their region. It is also a haven for many widows.
  • I loved the way he is committed to helping men stand up and be real men by challenging and equipping them to be all they can be for Christ.

These are just a few random reflections from the book. There is a whole lot more than might speak to different people in different ways. These are just some of the ones that spoke to me. If you have a chance I would encourage you to read it.

PS. I don’t think I have ever started so many sentences with “I loved”. Hmmm I think I really enjoyed it 😉