Intercessory prayer

August 9th, 2008

One of the things I really feel called to is the ministry of intercessory prayer. More than anything else I do ministry wise, this is where I most feel like I am partnering with God in His work.

For me intercessory prayer takes place in two ways.

1. My prayers – These are when I chose to pray for someone or some situation that I have seen or heard about. I simply bring the case before God like a lawyer or attorney takes up the case before a judge. This may happen once only or may last a number of weeks or months. Examples of this might be someone who is sick, has a big life moment coming up or an event that is taking place in a church/community.

2. God’s prayers – These are the prayers that I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray. Many times I have suddenly been given a desire or burden to pray for a person or situation. It usually starts by a desire to pray and spend time with God. Then as I do that, I start to get someone or a situation on my heart and I have a huge desire to pray. I just keep praying until the burden lifts. Examples of this might be when someone is sick, needing help or a major world event happens like September 11 or the Asian Tsunami.

For me intercessory prayer is the most pure form of ministry I can do. I really feel like I am partnering with God in bringing His plans to pass in this world. The thought that the God of the universe would call someone to pray and partner in His work in this world blows me away sometimes. But that is how God choses to work in this world – by partnering with open vessels who are willing to be used. Intercessory prayer is just one of those ways.