Jesus met people where they were at

August 5th, 2008

It is interesting that when we look at Jesus’ ministry we see that He didn’t just stay at the Temple all the time. He would travel around and visit with people in different places. Jesus often went to meet people where they were at spiritually and geographically.

Here are a few examples of the places He met people.

  • At the seashore (Mark 4:1)
  • At the well (John 4:6)
  • On the highway (Mark 10:46)
  • At the Marketplace (Matthew 20:3)
  • On the mountain (Matthew 5:1)

As with my previous post about Jesus this week, we see that each time Jesus met with people, He met their deepest needs. He gave them what they needed and He did it where they were at, not just at the Temple.