Interesting discussion

July 29th, 2008

I had an interesting discussion with some friends last night. Part of our discussion touched on how we noticed that often the people of God in the Old Testament followed and served God faithfully for a time. Then after a number of years or generations they had turned completely away from them.

For those who are a bit scholarly this is know as the Deuteromonic Cycle. Or as one of the other guys called it “The Jewish Spiril”. I really liked that one better as it is much easier for me to pronounce!

Anyway, it was interesting that during the discussion a few of the guys really recognised this cycle in their own lives. They shared that at times they wanted to know God and walk closely with Him, but at other times they have just wanted to go their own way.

For me this was a great reflection. Because if we are honest, all of us at times walk closely with God and then there are other times we slip away. The key I think is to recognise the signals and put things in place that will manage the fall or slip away and perhaps prevent it.

Some of the things I have found is that I don’t have the same passion for things and I am not wanting to read my Bible, not wanting to pray with people, not wanting to share my faith with others and thinking my money and talents are my own to use as I please. When I notice any of these things happening little alarm bells ring and I come to God and pray. I also share with someone else how I am feeling and ask them to pray for me too.

I have found that by recognising the signals and having a couple of things in place it can reduce the height of the fall. Sometimes it can nip it in the bud altogether.

How about you? Do you notice any signals when you are starting to pull back from God? What do you have in place to manage the fall?