Theology makeover

July 21st, 2008

One of the things I have enjoyed about going back to full time Bible studies this year is taking the time to review and in some cases update my theology.

I have found over the years I have taken a certain position on a Scripture and just filed it away in the “this is what I believe” folder. Then every now and then I pull out the stock answer when I am asked a question about different subjects without too much thought.

This year though, I have had the space and time to really mull over what I believe on different areas. Some things have been strengthen and solidified and other things have led to more questions that need more thought and investigation.

I have really enjoyed this questioning and digging deeper as it helps me to get things straight in my mind. I have found that when I have things straight in my mind it is much easier to explain them to others. For me, that is the goal. Building the Scriptures into my life and then once it is processed, passing it on to others.

All in all returning to full time study has been a good experience. It is one that I would encourage others to do if you have the chance.