Growth excites me

July 21st, 2008

Recently I have caught up with some people that I haven’t really seen for a while. One of the things that has really excited me is the growth I have seen in them.

Some of them are more confident speaking in front of a group, some are reflecting on and overcoming areas where they have been struggling, some have a deeper Bible knowledge, some have made a commitment to Christ and others are really seeking to hear from God on a future direction. I don’t know about you, but when people are growing and pressing in to God I get really excited because I know great things are just around the corner for them.

When I see growth I really love to tell people about the growth and changes I have seen. I think that is important because often when we are churning through things we don’t see our own growth. We often just see the struggle and feel like we are spinning our wheels. When someone notices change or growth it can encourage us to keep pressing on with it.

Here’s a thought. Is there anyone in your life you can encourage about the growth and changes you have seen in their life over the last six months? No matter how small it is, it might just really encourage them and give them the motivation to press on.