Marge the rains are here

July 16th, 2008

I love the advert on TV where the old farmer goes out on to the veranda and yells with excitement, “Marge the rains are coming”. The camera then pans back and you see his kids eating corn on the roof and the corn is so juicy that the water hits the veranda roof and sounds like rain.

In the last 24 hours we have had that sound on the roof. Only for us it wasn’t corn juice. It was the sound of rain. We have had 17 mils of rain in our gauge in that time. That is awesome. Since we have been in Merredin I don’t think we have had that much in one day!

You might remember that several weeks ago in a post I asked people to pray for rain for the central WA wheatbelt. Well it seems like those prayers have been answered. Praise God and thanks to all those who prayed.

I am no expert in farming, but what I have learned so far is that if farmers get a decent rain of 10 to 20 mils and then another 10-20 mils a few weeks later, then they have a chance of starting a good crop. This is what has happened for us here in Merredin.

From driving down to Perth last week there a few places that looked a lot more greener than this time last year. So for those farmers at least things look promising.

Rain is an amazing blessing from God. It blesses and changes things so much when it comes. It brings hope, and hope is a very powerful thing.

God Bless,


PS. I just checked the official rain figures for Merredin. We had 20 mils. That calls for an even bigger praise God 🙂