Elisha helps a poor widow

July 11th, 2008

I was re-reading through 2 Kings 4:1-7 this morning. This is the story about the poor widow who was in so much debt that her two sons was going to be taken away as slaves to pay the debt. I found a few interesting things in the story.

1. The widow didn’t take her situation lying down – her sons were going to be taken and she needed to act fast. She didn’t just accept it as a done deal. She was proactive in bringing solution.

2. The widow knew who could help – verse one tells us that she was a widow of a prophet, so it makes sense she went to Elisha the prophet who was a proven godly man. He was able to ask some key questions that brought the solution.

3. The widow made available what she had – she told Elisha that all she had was some olive oil. Elisha then told her to get some big jars and poor the oil in. As she did it multiplied and she was able to sell the oil to pay her debts. It even said she would left over to live on.

The thing I really love about this story is that she was proactive and didn’t just accept things. She took her problem to God through Elisha and a great result happened. It would have been easy for her to sit back and lament and see her sons be taken away.

This made me think about some of the problems in my life. Am I taking them to God? Am I being proactive in finding a solution? Is the solution already in my own home?