Obesity on the rise

June 20th, 2008

I just read an interesting article (Obesity figures staggering: Roxon) on the ABC news website. It said that Australia is fast becoming the fattest nation on earth and we are close to overtaking the US as the top. For most of us this would be no surprise. As one comment said on the article that all we have to do is go outside and we can see it for ourselves.

Now I have to admit that exercise has always come naturally for me. Since I was a child I have been involved in some sort of sport or fitness routine, even with having Rheumatoid Arthritis. For the last 23 years I have regularly done weights three times per week to keep toned. I also walk and ride occasionally too. This combined with eating a healthy diet has helped to keep my weight in check. At 41 I still have a six pack!

Over the years I have trained others in weights and fitness too. The main message I have tried to get across is to find some type of exercise that you enjoy and do it. If you can find something you enjoy doing 8 times out of 10 you are well on your way to maintaining a healthy weight. If you do it three times a week for thirty minutes that will be enough for most people. Combine that with eating most of your food in the form God made it and you will be right on target.

Maintaining a healthy weight does take time, energy and discipline, but I believe it is well worth it. Not only will you look and feel better, but you will be healthier too. You will find a little bit of exercise can go along way to improving your overall quality of life.