Ministry Integrity

June 19th, 2008

One of my favourite Christian ministers of all time would have to be Billy Graham. I love that he has been in ministry for a long long time and I also love that he has done it with integrity.

Integrity has been one of the core issues for Billy Graham because when he started out there were a few questionable evangelists out there. Here are three things I really like about the way he has lived a life of integrity as an evangelist.

  1. He has kept the main message the same – Billy has kept preaching the salvation message for more than 50 years. He knew what God had called him too and he has stuck with it. While he is involved in compassion ministry, the key focus is bringing people to Christ
  2. He has a key accountability group – Billy regularly meets with three of his close friends to pray and talk with. They even created a paper to record the commitments they made. It was called the “Modesto Manifesto” and touched on areas of honesty, integrity, purity and humility.
  3. Financial accountability in place – Billy set up local committees to oversee all the money that came in to fund the crusade events in a town. For each town the money went into a trust to pay for all the associated costs of the event. Once an event was completed each account was audited and signed off on to ensure all monies were spent correctly.

While no man is perfect and I am sure there are things he would do differently, Mr Graham has had a real commitment to ministering with integrity and he has done it for a very long time.

A quote from his biography “Just as I am” sums the man perfectly up for me. He said, “If I were ever to do anything dishonoring to Christ, I would rather He take me home to heaven before I did it”.