Job and Satan

June 13th, 2008

The Bible tells us that Satan is a worthy adversary and he roams around like a lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). However, in Job we see that he only has limited power.

In a conversation with God in chapters one and two, we see that Satan is allowed to test Job, but not take his life. This shows that while Satan is powerful, he is still subject and bound by God’s ultimate power.

I love the way Henrietta Mears describes Satan’s power in relation to God in her book “What the Bible is all about”. She says, “Satan has great power, but there are limits to it. Satan is mighty, but God is Almighty! He can only break through where God allows”.

As Christians it is great to know that we serve an Almighty God. Yes Satan is powerful, but God is ALL powerful!