May 29th, 2008

My wife, kids and I went for a walk this morning around our local area. On the journey we saw this beautiful tall tree. It was about 60 feet high and had huge branches with lots of leaves on it. It was very straight and tall. I stopped for a bit and admired it and then walked on.

After we went around the park and started home my wife asked me to look at the tree again. This time we were closer to our home and looking from a completely different angle. This great tall straight tree suddenly looked very different. It was leaning on a huge angle and looked more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I was surprised that it was the same tree!

As I strolled the rest of the way home I couldn’t help but think this is a lot like some of the opinions we hold. We see it from a certain angle or from our perspective only. We might find it hard to see it from the other persons side. Sometime it might cause some strife between us. It might even end relationships or friendships. When all the time we are looking at the same “tree” from a different angle.

Maybe sometimes we might need to get up and walk around to where the other person is standing and see the view from their side. We might just see things in a whole new way.