Creative Living

May 14th, 2008

One of my favourite units I am doing at college this time around is “Creative Living”. It is a pre-requisite for all students at Tabor no matter what level you are studying at. The unit touches on who God is, who He says we are and how we live our lives in light of that.

I am at lecture 11 of 16 and so far I have really enjoyed it. I feel a lot freer in myself and I have a deeper understanding of who I am in Christ. As a result of this I have found that I am striving less and just “being” more. It is really amazing when you take an in depth look at Ephesians chapters one and two and how much you can really get out of it!

The funny thing is last time I did Bible College back in the 90s my favourite unit was “Understanding God and Ourselves”. It was very similar in content and required a lot of reflection. I guess I am just a glutton for punishment…the good kind that leads to growth that is!