Glasses of Scripture

May 1st, 2008

I was just on Koorong’s website and I noticed Philip Jensen has brought out a new book called, “By God’s Word“. I haven’t actually read the book, but I thought the blurb was quite good. It made a lot of sense. Here it is…

“The Scriptures are the glasses by which we bring the world into focus. When we look through the glasses of Scripture, we see God and his world and his people and ourselves more clearly. There are some things, especially about God, that we would never see at all without the Scriptures. There are many things about the world, others and ourselves that we would see in a completely distorted fashion without the glasses. The word of God changes our perspective”.

I can say a big Amen to this. This is what I found when I began to read and study the Bible. My life started to make sense and I started to see myself and others more clearly. It also helped me to see the part I can play in God’s eternal plan.

How about you? Has the Bible helped you see life and yourself more clearly? If you haven’t read the Bible, you can access one online at