Knowing your hitting zone

March 15th, 2008

When I was younger I used to play a lot of cricket. I found that over time I was very good at playing some shots and not so good at playing others. I found that when I hit the ball down the ground I generally could hit a boundary if I got it past the infield. At other times if I got a short ball and tried to pull it away I found a number of time I got caught.

As time passed I worked on my weaker shots, but I never seemed to get them to the same skill level or effectiveness as my straight drives. I realised what my hitting zone was and played accordingly. If a ball was pitched in my hitting zone I would belt it to the boundary. If it was short and at my body I would play it away for a single. The focus was to not get out.

In thinking about this I found it is a lot like ministry. We all have a strengths and weakness. We have shots that are in our “hitting zone” and some that seem to “get us out”. I have found that I can preach to a group, write from the Bible in a way that makes sense and I can pray for people and God moves in their lives. These are in my hitting zone. However I am less skilled at counseling or one on one with people. I have done counseling courses to build up my skills in that area, but I find if I spend too much doing that I get worn out easily. It is just not in my hitting zone and it drains me.

So what is the key to all of this? Well I think the key is to prayerfully work out what you are good at and do it. Practice the skill and do some studies or training to build on your strengths. By all means work on your weaker areas, but make sure most of your energy goes into your “hitting zone” areas. If you are spending most of your time in your strengths you will be more fruitful and you will feel more fulfilled in what you are doing.