The real Jesus

February 22nd, 2008

If you do an internet search on Jesus Christ, you will find all types of opinions of who He really was and what He was really like. These opinions might come from a variety of sources and are shaped by each persons own world view. An atheist, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist and a Christian would all view Jesus differently.

In my experience the best way to find out who Jesus really was and what His message was is to read the Bible for yourself. If we have never read the Bible – in particular the section where it talks about Jesus – we tend to get our opinion for a variety of sources. These might include the internet, the person next door, a Sunday School teacher many years ago, a person who knocked on your door or some TV show you might have seen once.

While these might help in some ways, the best way to get the message straight from the Good Book itself – the Bible. For this reason I have included a link to the first chapter of the book of Luke from the New Testament. The book of Luke traces Jesus from His birth, His ministry and ultimately His death and resurrection.

If you would like to read about Jesus life online, you can visit At the end of each chapter it will give you the option to read the next chapter.