Discipling our kids

January 11th, 2008

One of things I feel called to do this year is disciple my kids. Since our kids were very young we have tried to teach them about our faith in Christ and tried to instill godly values in them.

I have been praying about it and I have decided to use the resource from Billy Graham I mentioned a few weeks ago. Instead of doing the whole study under each section, I am going to do the first page of each and adapted it for our kids. I might include some questions that related to the verses we read.

The reason this is one my heart is that I know the difference having faith in Christ has made in my life. It is like chalk and cheese. Those who have known me long term know how my life has changed and how much better off I am. I want my kids to experience this too. I want them to have a solid anchor of faith for when the storms of life come.

The other reason is the Bible gives fathers special responsibility to train their kids up to follow Jesus. In numerous places God charges fathers to teach their kids the ways of God. He says if we do they will prosper in all they do. I want this for my kids too.

As parents I really believe one of our greatest ministries is to our kids. We need to love them and care for them, but we also need to help them to learn godly principles and how they can live them out in their everyday lives.

If my wife and I can teach my kids to love and follow Jesus and to love and care for those around them, we would have gone a long way to being great parents and fulfilling our responsibility to God.