Starting a house church book

December 16th, 2007

I am reading a great book at the moment called, “Starting a house church”. I haven’t quite finished it, but so far it is a great read and makes a lot of sense.

It is amazing to hear of the growth of the house church movement around the world. In places like China, South America, Africa and even in many Western countries house churches are growing at phenomenal rate. In many places people are planting a house church and then in less than ten years they have 100 or more churches that have grown from it. Some have even planted 2000 other churches in ten years!!! In China alone they have 100 million people connected to house churches.

The concept of house churches is to meet in homes rather than traditional buildings. People interact in small groups usually up to about 15 people. When the group grows beyond the lounge room size they break and start another group. Each new church is a real church in its own right, but still is a part of the bigger network that meets as a whole from time to time.

The network places a lot of attention on following Jesus 24/7, on living their faith out in a natural way, sharing lives together in family type relationship, discipling the new believers and training future leaders to start new churches.

For me, this is one of those books that when I finish it, I will start from the beginning again. That doesn’t happen too often! If you would like to check out the book you can visit their website here