30 Discipleship exercise

December 1st, 2007

I have added a new link to my links page today. It is a link to a discipleship booklet on Billy Graham’s website. It is titled, “Thirty Discipleship Exercises”.

It is aimed at giving new Christians a solid foundation to build their new faith on. It would also useful for anyone wanting to understand more about the Christian faith and living the Christian life.

Here is some information from Billy Graham’s website…

“Subtitled The Pathway to Christian Maturity, Thirty Discipleship Exercises is a study featuring 30 different topics with six Bible verses for each lesson. Topics include salvation, prayer, the Holy Spirit, discipleship, the Church, God’s forgiveness, discipline, love, humility, honesty, and 20 others.

Thirty Discipleship Exercises can be used for personal devotions, one-on-one discipling of a friend, or for small group discussions. There are instructions for how to use this material in each context, including instructions on organizing a small group and tips for small group leaders”.

The booklet is available for free in Adobe PDF on Billy Graham’s website or there are options to buy the printed copy. Here’s the link http://www.billygraham.org/SH_ThirtyDiscipleshipExercises.asp