Links to church groups

November 18th, 2007

As Sunday is a day where many people stop, relax and meditate on God, I have included the links to some of the major church denominations on our links page.

I only started attending church in my early 20s after never really being a church goer. Over the years I have found a number of blessings from attending church.

  • A place to receive positive input and encouragement
  • A place to find a support network for times of need
  • A place to learn about God, the Bible and my faith
  • A place to serve God and the local community
  • A place to find friends
  • A place to pray and be prayed for
  • A place to worship God
  • A place to where I found the purpose for my life

If you would like to access the links to the various church groups in Australia, you can click here