My primary calling

October 17th, 2007

I’ve been reflecting on my most important ministry lately. As someone who is primarily an Evangelist who is working that out as a church Pastor, I have been looking at the role the church needs me to be and the role I am called to be.

In the midst of all of that I was reminded that before I am an Evangelist or a Pastor, I am a Christian, a husband and a daddy. The most important things I have to remember is my personal relationship with God and then to be loving and sowing into the life of my wife and kids.

The greatest thing we can do as ministers is to love God and then love and care for our families. I think at times we can get caught with the things we are called to do and forget the things we are called to be – in my case a Christian, a loving supportive husband and daddy.

My primary calling and ministry in this life will always be to my family. I am called to do things outside my home in the church and the community, however, first and foremost I need to love my wife and kids and encourage them to love and seek God in everything they do. If I have done this, then I have been a success as a minister and a family man.

Each of us as Christians have a calling on our lives, that goes without saying, but we need to be sure we don’t get so caught up in fulfilling our calling that we neglect our families and building a stable and healthy home life.

After all, when I am on my death bed I am not going to wish I spent more time in the office. I hope I will be looking at my grown kids (and grandkids) and saying how proud I am off them and being thankful I spent so much time and energy sowing into their lives.

God Bless,