Traditional and Emerging

September 10th, 2007

Here’s something I wrote a while back for another blog. I thought it fit in with the post below…

Recently I have been reading a lot about the Emerging Church. I have to admit that I have enjoyed learning about this new evolution in the church and I can see it has great potential.

Now for those who are not sure what I mean by traditional and emerging. In very general terms the traditional church revolves around its members meeting in a building on a Sunday for worship, teaching and fellowship. They might also meet during the week in smaller home groups. The emerging church seems to be more fluid and may meet in members homes. They try to model church on the early church in the Book of Acts and seem to have less structure and focus on relationships.

For me I can see that both forms of the church have their place and we must encourage both in their efforts. One or the other might not do things how we want or think are the best way to go, but I have to say that if God’s Kingdom is being expanded and people are building genuine relationships then more power to them.

My hope for the traditional church and the emerging church is that they will both work together and learn from each other. I would like to see the traditional church still exist and have a strong community presence, while having a missional type of focus that the emerging church seems to have.

My vision is that every street in Australia will have a “house” church that is focussed on reaching their own street. During the week the Christians / church members will open their homes to neighbours. They will minister to and try to meet their physical and spiritual needs of their neighbours. Then if someone is happy meeting in a smaller group that is good. If they are drawn to the larger Sunday church service they can be fed through into that too. Either way God’s Kingdom is growing and we are reaching people.

Here’s a thought I want to leave you with that I “got” a while ago when I was praying about traditional church and the emerging church…

I have a home phone that I use to communicate with people. I now have a mobile that I use to communicate with people too. Now that I have a mobile it doesn’t mean that I will get rid of my home phone. They both have their place and help me to reach people. The same goes for traditional and the emerging churches…they both have their places to reach people for Christ. The main thing is that people are being reached and disciples are being made.